Saturday, July 7, 2012

I LOVE sewing DOLL clothes!!!!

Just a bit of my sewing this weekend.....

2 nurses for Callie's doll, Jenny and one to give away to a friend.  :)
Nurse Jenny and her patient, Kanani
After making the nurse outfit, I decided a hospital gown was needed....
......and because a doll can't just have one hospital gown, a reversible gown to add to her collection of clothes.  
the other side of the reversible hospital gown....
A close-up of the nurse outfits without flash...they have real working buttons and buttonholes.  No velcro on this doll outfit!!  The white twill belt ties in the back.  These were fun to make!
I have more doll outfits to share, but must take a blogging break and fix supper!  Thanks for looking! :)

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