Saturday, July 7, 2012

Callie's 6th. Birthday!!!

For Callie's birthday breakfast cake it was 3 types of donuts on a platter.  Samuel suggested we make it fancy by putting the doll dress I made as one of her gifts in the middle.  Great idea, Sam!!!! :)
The kids helped me 'hide' all of her gifts around the house.  She had a scavenger hunt finding them first thing in the morning.  I have requests from the other kids for a scavenger gift hunt for their birthday!!!

Pretty dresses from Grandpa and Grandma were found in the music studio with one of her clues.
All of her gifts found and being opened.  My parents had sent a box for her birthday.  I opened up the box and put them into different gift bags so she would have more gifts to 'find'.  :)  
Water balloons from her grandpa and grandma.  The kids had fun filling and throwing all the green ones on her birthday.  The blue ones are waiting on another day.....
Callie's birthday breakfast......donuts!!!  She was beside herself that I let her have one of each kind!!!  Of course, she couldn't eat all three!  :)

That afternoon, Callie had requested to have her cousins and grandpa over for pizza.  I made fast and easy biscuit pizzas that were a hit with all the kids.  The kids ate and then got soaked outside!!

A gift from her aunt and cousins!!!
A cool dyed shirt and headband made by Aunt Tina!!!
An oreo ice cream cake for her party with her cousins.
Blowing out her candle!

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