Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Choosing to see the positive.....

Usually Callie has to start in on her school work first thing in the morning.  Today, with Samuel being home from school, they were begging to play outside.  I gave in, and off they went.  Much to their delight they found that the water in their pool was frozen and had such great fun 'skating' on it!!  I enjoyed watching the fun from the comfort of my warm living room!!
Here is a short video clip of their fun....at the very end Samuel starts getting a little wild in his attempts to skate and Callie ends up in tears!!!  Don't worry...she's a-okay now!! :)
Oh....you might want to pause my playlist over to the right before playing the video.

I just love how a child can take something that looks ugly and dirty(the swimming pool full of dirty water that should have been emptied out and stored away) and turn it into something full of joyous fun!!!  I so wish it was easier for us as adults to do that.....You see, I have been looking outside my window at the kiddie pool saying to myself, "girl....that pool should have been stored away....it looks so junky outside and is just cluttering up the backyard......"  Now, my kids have made me realize that it's a good thing it got left outside this year!!!  It will be a fun backyard winter kid-sized ice skating rink!!!
My prayer for today is that God will help me to look at the upside of things....for Him to show me the positive in things....to help me find the things to be thankful for in each and every situation. 

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Greg & Stephanie said...

Good insight...the little things serve as great reminders!