Friday, December 17, 2010

Chocolate Chips on the floor....I think NOT!!

A short story.........
Mommy goes into the kitchen and a 10 year old boy comes running out of the music room.  His mouth is STUFFED full of something.  She asks what it is….the boy holds up a finger suggesting she wait until he has finished chewing up his food.  This makes the mommy slightly perturbed.  He can talk with his mouth full of food any other time.  She is suspicious of WHAT is in her son's mouth.  She demands that he tell her NOW!!! 
“It’s just a few chocolate chips.” The boy tells his mommy. 
“WHERE, did you find them?” asks the mom. 
The guilty looking boy replies, “I found them on the floor.”  
Hmmmmm…..methinks the boy did NOT find them on the floor!!  Finally the truth comes out.  The boy had been hiding a bag of chocolate chips in the attic stairwell.  This makes mommy mad and sad!!!  Punishment follows and the sneaky boy is sent to his room.  Apparently he worked on this sweet card of apology and placed it in his mommy’s kitchen where he was so sure she would find it later that evening.  She did not.  This made the boy very sad. 
He thought to himself, "What kind of mom doesn't find the apology note from her son?" 
For you see, the VERY sorry boy put it right outside her music studio where she would see it the minute she finished teaching lessons.
The mommy found the sweet card during the day while the boy was at school.  It made her smile.  She thanked her son on the way home from school later.  He was glad she finally found it and has no more plans to hide chocolate chips EVER again!!
 This was ALL the money he had leftover after Christmas shopping for his brothers, sister & Daddy!
The same evening the chocolate chips went missing(and before I knew he had made me such a sweet card), Simon sewed his sister a nightgown for her doll.  He did a great job!!  Although I'll have to admit, I was just a bit scared when he used my serger for the first time!!!  Callie was beside herself with excitement for she knew that Simon was making her a Christmas gift and she wasn't allowed in the room! :) 
Here is Simon, with the Christmas gift he made for his sister.  She's going to LOVE it!!!


Carrie said...

Haha! I love the card with the VERY sad chocolate chip on the front! :D

dorcas said...

What a great story. Surely you borred that from someone and it didn't happen at your house :-)

I'm very impressed with your son's sewing skills. I can barley sew on a button let alone run a machine.

~Regina~ said...

Dorcas, yes that did happen in my house!! :)

I'm trying to get all the kids interested in sewing at a young age. I so much love to sew and want to pass that on to them. And it's never too late to learn a new hobby. You should try it....:)