Saturday, June 19, 2010

My 2 babies.....

.....have grown up overnight.  Or so it seems. :)  Daddy brought them both hats from Steak & Shake the other night.  They did NOT want to put them on and look all cutsey for our cameras!!!  I think these pictures turned out better than the picture perfect 'cutesy' ones....

Samuel, my 5 year old who has to constantly remind me that "he's a BIG boy now".  I still think of him as my baby boy!!!  He's NOT at all fond of me referring to him as such...:)  I will still come and snuggle with me early in the morning sometimes.  I treasure those moments.  He is a VERY serious, but LOVING child who gives me a bear hug so tight before bedtime it almost knocks me over!!!!  He's going to be a big, strong guy one of these days!  He loves to figure things out.  Work with his hands.  Fix things.  He might very well follow in his daddy's and grandpa's footsteps and be my genius, mechanically-minded, can-fix-anything son!!  Oh, and can you tell by the picture, he doesn't like to be interrupted when he's concentrating on something!!! :)
Callie, my drama queen, looks so serious in this picture.  If you look close enough, you'll see the stubborn set of her jaw and the annoyance (at being bothered) in her eyes.  She is VERY strong-willed, independent, and persistent.  On one hand, she LOVES all things princessy, fairy-talish, pink, purple, glittery, but, then before you blink, she's out diggin' in the dirt and climbin' to the very tip-top of the swing-set and hangin' up there all by herself!!!  She loves me to read her 'stories' every night before bed.  If I forget, she lets me know first thing in the morning, that 'you forgot to read me my story!' :)
My 2 babies, 17 months apart, are no longer babies and are growing up way too fast!!!

Now, to take some candid shots of my oldest two!!  But, first, I think the fire truck has FINALLY left.  The chain saws are FINALLY quiet and maybe, just maybe, I might be able to FINALLY go to sleep!!!!  Night-night all..............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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