Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Samuel's 5th. B-Day!

Samuel turned 5 last Sunday, January 17.  He had talked about his birthday for WEEKS!!!!  Thanks to some wonderful ladies at church, Samuel had a big lasagna dinner and a chocolate birthday cake.  My mom & I went out shopping late Saturday night for a few gifts for him.  He was one VERY excited boy after church to open his presents and eat his special meal!  I can hardly believe my baby boy is 5 already!!!!!

~Seth & Grandpa watch Prince Caspian~

Samuel LOVES construction equipment!

Mommy & Callie sang "Happy Birthday" to Samuel!

The construction playmat I made for Samuel the day before his b-day!  I found this fabric on clearance at Hobby Lobby and thought it would be the perfect gift for Samuel.  He LOVED it!

Daddy bought Samuel a new John Deere tractor set.  I hid it under the perfectly smoothed out playmat while he wasn't looking.  When he turned around and saw the bump on his mat he had to fix it. 

He was excited with his find!

Callie plays with Samuels Hot Wheel set from his Uncle & Aunt.

A neat game from his Grandpa & Grandma McIntosh.  We've all played it with the kids! :)

Seth takes it easy.

Samuel playing with his birthday gifts.

Callie begged Samuel to let her play with his new toys.  He was NOT happy with sharing with his little sister.

Samuel's birthday dinner compliments of a wonderful couple at our church!

Samuel blows out the candle of the cake made by another lady in our church.

Samuel being silly!

Callie hid when I tried to take her picture.

~The story of the Candle~
Once upon a time, a mommy went shopping.  It was the day before her sons' birthday.  She had no gifts, no cake and no candles.  She had spent the last several days in the hospital with her oldest son and had no time to plan a nice party for her youngest son.  Late Saturday night, the mommy went out shopping with her mommy.  They bought lots & lots of liquid food for the oldest son.  They bought gifts for the youngest son.  The mommy decided to splurge and buy a 'fancy' #5 candle for the little boys' cake.  She got home and put the candle down.  She wrapped presents and got the table all ready.  Someone came and brought dinner and a cake for the candle.  They even brought a can of candles for the mommy to use.  The mommy said, "No, that's okay!  I bought a candle for his cake."  She gave back the can of candles.  The gifts were opened.  The food was eaten.  The cake was brought out.  Where was the candle?  It was NOWHERE to be found.  She searched high and low.  She had every member (minus Seth) of the family searching for the candle.  She was very sad when it could not be found anywhere.  She scrounged around in her drawers and came up with one lonely balloon candle.  That would have to do.  The candle was lit.  The pictures were taken.  The candle was blown out.  The mommy said, "I imagine we'll find it sometime later."  Sure enough, it was discovered on the fooseball table underneath an instruction booklet for the Hot Wheel set.  So mommy sent the now 5 year old boy off to get his picture taken with the #5 candle that missed being put on his cake by a few minutes.  The candle is now stored away in the drawer in hopes that it will be found to put on a little girls' cake in 2 years time!

Seth, who NEVER has an ounce of fat on his body was sporting a double chin from all the fluids & swelling.  He's looking like his mommy now! :) 

I saved the best for last.  Duane's dad & Simon washed and dried the dishes!!!!!!!

Simon hides being the dish towel!!!


Carrie said...

Happy belated birthday, Samuel!

Poor Seth. He looks absolutely miserable. How did school go this week?

~Regina~ said...

Carrie, Thanks!! I'll pass your message on to Samuel!

Seth has been a bit tired from school, but he has managed to make it through 3 entire days so far this week. He has piles of homework/tests/quizzes to catch up on, but he has some very nice teachers that are working with him on that. :)