Friday, January 29, 2010

~Need a BIG room JUST for costumes~

I jokingly told me boys last night, that by the time they are raised, I'm going to need a BIG room just for costumes.  They have spirit days & pep rallies throughout the school year that require some new and creative costume for me to make for them.  This weeks' theme for the elementary was something to do with Noah's Ark.  Personally, I think my boys are a little big to be dressing up like an animal....soooo.....they are dressed like a hammer and an ark today.  I was very happy that these costumes cost NOTHING to make.  I had the brown fabric leftover from a children's worship theme I did years ago.  (It was actually stored in the attic!)  The silver fabric was scraps leftover from a Mr. Goodbar costume made for Simon last year.  For the animals, we used little people animals and the blue water is a rib knit hand-tacked onto the ark.  I'll take that off when he comes home and store it back with my knit fabrics! :)  It took a couple hours on 3 different evenings this week to make these.  I'm happy they are finished and the boys love them.  Can't wait to see the other costumes when I go to the pep rally later this afternoon!!

Seth wanted water/waves for his ark.  I thought it was a very creative idea!  I love it when the boys get involved in their costume making!
Mr. Hammer, with his sidekick, Mr. Nail
Mr. Nail was Simon's idea! :)


Carrie said...

What about costume renting? Do you rent out your costumes, too?! ;)

~Regina~ said...

You know...I should rent them! :) At least my house wouldn't be bursting at the seams if the costumes were elsewhere being used!!!