Friday, October 8, 2010

~Catching Up.....The First Day of School~

Well, to be honest this was going to be a very short blog post consisting of just one video and a couple pictures of Callie's first day of school.  Well, I got to looking at the pictures of that week and realized I never posted any of the boys.  So here goes.......their first week of school.....way back in August!!! :)

This is where Callie spends several hours a day doing her school.  I have since relocated my rack of thread and scissors!! :)
Very excited to start school for the first time!!!
We took a little break outside to take some pictures of her 'first day of school' outfit!!  I finished sewing this the day before school started for her!!
Enjoying a snack in between lessons.
Another outdoor shot.  She picked out the fabric for her skirt and shirt mommy made for her first day of school.  It was quite colorful!!!
Samuel's 1st. day of K-5 cake.
Samuel, 5 years old is in Kindergarten this year.
Simon, 9 years old, is in 4th. grade this year.  He was all concerned about the garbage truck going by at the same time his picture was being taken.  I actually think it looks kinda neat!!
Seth, 11 years old, is in 6th. grade this year.
All 3 boys heading off to school on August 20, 2010.  The guy in the background grinning is our neighbor that carpools with Duane to work each morning.
Callie with her 1st. day of K-4 cake.  Aunt Sarah decorated this cake for Callie.
Some random pictures of that weekend.  I thought this one was cute.  My son brought all of his blankets and his sisters, and tucked them ever so gently around his aunt who was cold!!!  Too cute! :)
Richard and Duane on the computer. 
Daddy and daughter asleep....awww......isn't it cute!!! :)
Callie was the winner for a Back-to-School promotion at school.  She was given a GIGANTIC purple backpack filled with all sorts of supplies!!!
~Sunday dinner~
A Kindle cover I made for my SIL, Sarah.
The inside....


Anonymous said...

I like the video clip of Callie... I had forgotten about the blanket picture... lol...

Sarah H.

Angie Davis said...

My blogger friend, you are SO creative. And you need to come visit Carrie and I sometime very soon!

Tina said...

I love the e-reader holder...I wish you would put the pattern up for it!

~Regina~ said...

I was a tester for making this Kindle cover. The pattern is sold by the Etsy seller, Birdiful Stitches. I've included a link to her shop below. Hope this helps! :)