Saturday, October 16, 2010

Callie's First Box of Chocolates from Daddy!!!

Today was Sweetest's Day!!  Duane suprised me with a big box of caramels from Deitsch's.  He also gave Callie her own box of chocolates.  This is her very first ever box of chocolates and she was beaming from ear to ear!!!!  Can you tell the girls at this house prefer chocolates to flowers?!! :)
 Our boxes of chocolate from Daddy!!!  Callie asked me if she was allowed to get in her box to eat a piece of candy anytime she wants since it is her very own box of candy.  I told her one piece a day.  Gotta make this yummy stuff last!!!!! :)  Simon also gave me a dark chocolate Reese Cup for 'sweetheart's day' as he calls it!!  He went to the Dollar Store and bought it himself....I thought that was extra-special!
So what did I give my husband for Sweetest's Day this year.......well.......
I absolutely DETEST getting up in the morning.  So, as a special gift for Duane, I set my cell phone alarm to wake me up early to cook him breakfast before he went to work.  I actually made him a tray up and he had breakfast in bed!!!  Later, I also made him one of his favorite desserts, cherry delight. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh to have some Dietsch's chocolate... mmmmmmmm

Sarah H.