Saturday, April 14, 2012

Simon's Prayer Answered

On Friday evening, Simon rode his bike to Kroger. It was less than a mile away. I was busily fixing dinner. We were having turkey burgers and fries. We needed some sliced cheese, ketchup and buns. Simon had agreed to pick up those items for me. He found the items we needed, paid and left the stor bike home. His bike was GONE!!! STOLEN!! He had a cell phone with him, but didn't call his earthly parents. The first thing he did was call to his Heavenly Father. He prayed that just somehow he would find his bike on the walk home. Now there were many, MANY different directions the bike thief could have gone. My son always walks home the SAME WAY! As he was walking home, praying, God answered his prayer. He found his bike laying in the grass just two blocks away from the store! I'm so thankful God answered his prayer. it's times like these that strengthen a child's faith and this mommy's as well. :).
I guess my teacher was right, praying does help. You can pray for anything.


Anonymous said...

Very awesome. =)


Carrie said...

I love to watch God building faith in our kids' lives!! :)