Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring School Picture Day!!!!!

 Once again it was time for Spring School Pictures.  I decided to be smart and snap pictures of the kids BEFORE they went to school.  So without further ado.....our four kids from youngest to oldest....

This was a requested hair-do AND dress.  She specifically asked for an orange dress.  She helped paint the flower on it today.
She's being homeschooled this year through Abeka.  She is in their K-4 program.
 My baby boy is in K-5 at Heritage and loves school!  He wanted to wear the shirt I made for him yesterday to school today.  He loves me making him clothes to wear.

 Simon, my 4th. grader learned a fantastic lesson this past weekend about what is studying for a test and what is NOT studying for a test!  Let's just say he worked VERY hard making an A+ on a History test on Tuesday!!
 He loves to bake desserts and help cook things!!  That's a big help to me!!!  He also LOVES to make me breakfast every now and then. 
 Seth, my firstborn is in 6th. grade.  He is a wonderful help to me.  Always quick to help out at any job that needs to be done around the house.  He has also lost more teeth than the tooth fairy can keep track of in the last month!!!!

There you have it.....the kid's Spring pictures.  I'll attempt to try to post more later about what I've been up to lately! :)  Thanks for reading and any comments.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the kid's school pics... I had to laugh at Callie's pose... she's such a ham!! The boys are looking so grown up... wow!

Sarah H.

The Dickinsons said...

Nice pics of the kids.

Thanks for your comment on my post. I had to would hang clothes to dry if you have a dryer?! =) I guess it would save a lot of money. =D

Have a super weekend.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics! You have great kids.
-Elizabeth S.