Thursday, September 25, 2008


My kids love frogs. Big frogs, little frogs, and yes, even DEAD frogs! Do I like frogs? NO! I started my kids' love of frogs years ago. We were moving out of our previous home and my two oldest boys spotted a frog in the backyard. Well I, being the big, brave mommy, had to catch it for them. (I read somewhere to never show your fear of creepy crawlies and then your kids won't chase you around the house with them!)

Flash forward 5 years - we have lots of frogs in our backyard. Almost on a daily basis my kids - all 4 of them - catch a frog. (or 2 or 3) My 3 year old, Samuel, has been known to play with a frog until some of the arms/legs come off! (Maybe that frog was made in China!) One day last week, I called Samuel inside to eat lunch. He ate his lunch and then made his way into the living room. I came in just as he was pulling something from behind the throw pillow on the couch. He was acting kind of funny. I asked him to show me what he had in his hand. You guessed it. It was a FROG! In my LIVING ROOM! On my COUCH! I told him to put that thing OUTSIDE! I just can't believe that frog stayed exactly where Samuel put it the entire time he was eating his lunch. On the other hand, I glad that frog stayed put. Can you imagine having a frog on the loose in your house?

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